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Friday, 5 November 2010

How affiliates that make money online by using powerful keywords

So how do affiliates that make money online become so successful and put so much money in their pockets by using powerful keyword phrases.

Well they do some old fashioned research. So lets start from the beginning.
An Affiliate is someone who sells a product owned by another company and earns commissions based on the sales made.

The affiliate should be focused on two things – a product with a good conversion rate (say 5%) and driving traffic to that product offer. I will focus here on driving traffic.

To confirm affiliates that make money online are fully aware of this starting point
To drive traffic the affiliate needs to find certain keywords which are used by people on the internet to search for that particular subject. Lets use the example of “hiking” as a keyword that someone could use.

So you as the affiliate would need to go to a search engine and search for “keyword tool”. Once you reach the keyword tool you would type in “hiking” into the tool and you will be presented with a big list of keyword phases that the public who are interested in hiking would use. In addition you would be presented with the number of times the keyword term was used on a monthly basis. In other words the internet traffic that was associated with that term. You would then cut and paste at least 100 keyword terms with their associated traffic volumes into a spreadsheet.

So you have the traffic figures for 100 keyword terms. The next step would be to search each one of these terms in a search engine making sure you put the term in exclaimation marks like “hiking”. The search engine will present the number of websites that are listed for this term. You then write the number of websites for that keyword term in your spreadsheet adjacent to your traffic figure for that term.
So you now have the traffic figure (the potential traffic) and the number of web sites (your competition) for 100 keyword terms. So you are looking for keyword terms that have the highest traffic but the lowest competition. So perform a calculation for each keyword term so that

Monthly Traffic figure / Number of websites X 100 = ????

If you get a figure 20 or over that is a very good keyword term to use. If you get a figure over 100 it should be classed as a gold mine and used straight away. Affiliates that make money online are good at finding high value keywords as described above

Now you have the keywords you should be targeting so you can write articles with your keyword terms in the title and 3 to 4 times in the content to get a good listing in the search engines.

So now you can become one of the affiliates that make money online as your articles will rank highly in the search engines, so people will read your articles, click on your links and banners to your affiliate product and buy your product.

So go out there and get your keywords and start earning some well earned money.

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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How do successful affiliates that make money online drive loads of traffic to their offers

One of the great ways to make money on the internet is to become an affiliate marketer. Of course affiliate marketing is promoting other companies products and earning commissions on the sales made. Typically this will involve driving internet traffic to an offer that has a successful conversion rate. So you have affiliates that make money online driving traffic to their offers. Assuming the product has a good conversion rate then the affiliates success is mainly driven by the amount of traffic he can drive.

However this is all great however a lot of affiliate marketers fail at driving traffic. Or they work extremely hard hour after hour to gain small traffic and of course end up with small amount of sales.
So what are the answers to driving hungry targeted traffic of people that are ready to buy?

Well I have reviewed the methods of a lot of successful affiliates that make money online? and have compiled the following methods. The very important point to note is that these 3 methods are not normally promoted or widely used but are highly successful and drive traffic for the short and long term.

Method 1: Perform a free guest appearance webinar for another affiliate. The affiliate will be able to offer some strategies to fixing a particular problem to normally a large attendance (normally up to 1000 people). They would then promote his offer or blog at the end. However the content must be extremely valuable to the listener.

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Method 2: The affiliate will approach other marketers online and ask to put his advert on their “thank you” page. This is an extremely focused method as the affiliate is getting traffic from the same target niche that is in the buying frame of mind. The challenge would be that the affiliate would need to offer a good rate to the other marketer and make this a valued offer.

Method 3: Free e-books on autopilot is another strange but effective method that affiliates that make money online driving large amounts of traffic. Here the affiliate would either write or purchase cheap PLR rights to a niche related e-book. They then amend the PLR slightly to make it their own and they add anchor text to link back to the offer a number of times in the e-book. They then give this e-book away as free content to other marketers a number of times. That way the affiliates are giving away excellent free content and distributing this e-book all over the internet .

So 3 very different ways affiliates that make money online use by generating large amounts of targeted traffic to their offers.

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The advantages of affiliates that make money online

Have you considered being one of the many affiliates that make money online?. Let me come back to this question later

Many people around the world are considering their future as the world economy is very low at the moment. It is at these uncertain times that people look for other ways to secure their income in the event that they loose their jobs or business. So where can you look to boost your income? Well maybe on the internet. However people are rightly concerned about getting started and do not look forward to creating web sites, arranging customer service and getting involved with product creation.

So where do you start? After all you just want to make an additional income as fast as possible. A nice steady income would do nicely - correct?

So coming back to the question above - you may consider being one of the many affiliates that make money online. So what is an affiliate marketer?

Well there are companies online who are good at building products that sell well online. These companies offer affiliate programs out to anyone who wants to join for free. Affiliate marketers then introduce people to the companies web site and when products are sold then the affiliate will earn a commission. If the product is an information product then the commission should be around 50% and some companies pay commissions on continuity programs and up-sales.

So the job of the affiliate marketer is to get people online to review a companies offer and earn commissions from the sales that are made.

Of course the great advantages are

1. You do not need a product. You introduce people to the companies sales channel
2. You don’t need customer support on the product as this is the job of the company
3. It is easy to start being one of the affiliates that make money online and is a good introduction to other areas of making money online.
4. Most of the tools that you need should be free such as a blog, banners (from the companies web site) and signing up to be an affiliate.
So how do you get started?

You need to pick a hobby or interest that you really like. This could be cars, sport, loosing weight or any other interest. You can then perform a search on the internet and look for companies selling products in that area and that offer affiliate programs that you can join. You can then start a blog and write very useful articles on the blog with banners that link to the companies web site. Like minded people will find your blog, read your content, click on your banners and buy the companies products and then you earn a commission.

So you can now make money fast and become one of the many affiliates that make money online

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