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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How do successful affiliates that make money online drive loads of traffic to their offers

One of the great ways to make money on the internet is to become an affiliate marketer. Of course affiliate marketing is promoting other companies products and earning commissions on the sales made. Typically this will involve driving internet traffic to an offer that has a successful conversion rate. So you have affiliates that make money online driving traffic to their offers. Assuming the product has a good conversion rate then the affiliates success is mainly driven by the amount of traffic he can drive.

However this is all great however a lot of affiliate marketers fail at driving traffic. Or they work extremely hard hour after hour to gain small traffic and of course end up with small amount of sales.
So what are the answers to driving hungry targeted traffic of people that are ready to buy?

Well I have reviewed the methods of a lot of successful affiliates that make money online? and have compiled the following methods. The very important point to note is that these 3 methods are not normally promoted or widely used but are highly successful and drive traffic for the short and long term.

Method 1: Perform a free guest appearance webinar for another affiliate. The affiliate will be able to offer some strategies to fixing a particular problem to normally a large attendance (normally up to 1000 people). They would then promote his offer or blog at the end. However the content must be extremely valuable to the listener.

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Method 2: The affiliate will approach other marketers online and ask to put his advert on their “thank you” page. This is an extremely focused method as the affiliate is getting traffic from the same target niche that is in the buying frame of mind. The challenge would be that the affiliate would need to offer a good rate to the other marketer and make this a valued offer.

Method 3: Free e-books on autopilot is another strange but effective method that affiliates that make money online driving large amounts of traffic. Here the affiliate would either write or purchase cheap PLR rights to a niche related e-book. They then amend the PLR slightly to make it their own and they add anchor text to link back to the offer a number of times in the e-book. They then give this e-book away as free content to other marketers a number of times. That way the affiliates are giving away excellent free content and distributing this e-book all over the internet .

So 3 very different ways affiliates that make money online use by generating large amounts of targeted traffic to their offers.

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