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Thursday, 30 September 2010

See Lee McIntyre coaching review

I have seen a number of reviews on the internet showing a number internet masters. Some are good at coaching and some are not. It has been my goal to find the best – really the best on the internet. Not only just the best coach but a coach that cares enough to give you free value and/or great value when you buy a product. Someone that over delivers. That way I would be happy to buy and stay a customer of that person

The question is – is there anyone out there that fits this description? Well I took a look at the Lee McIntyre Coaching review

Most of the Internet masters out there I found taught you in one way. However when I saw the Lee McIntyre coaching review the principals are completely upside down and inside out. This means completely different from anyone else and therefore getting different – better results. The review has so much value with hours or free content showing you how he build his business to a 6 figure income. The review shows Lee teaching to top marketers how they can expand their businesses. Each student paid just under $1000 for this content including travel and accommodation. However this is completely free when you check out Lee’s point and click coaching product for 10 days. In addition Lee was a school teacher so has been trained to teach.

To check this out CLICK on the link HERE

But hang on! I was sceptical. Why on earth was Lee giving away this content for free when he could sell this on from anywhere between 0 and $997? Why would anyone do that. This made me sceptical – its too good to be true – yes? Well when I checked out the See Lee McIntyre Coaching review for the 10 day period I had this in mind. However when I progressed through this review I discovered that Lee wants you to join his getmomentum.com program. The idea is that you listen to this review and understand the high level principals and realise like I did this is nothing like you have heard before. Its actually comes across very professional and he wants you to join his program and say the point and click program for free. You will then make some sales and stick with Lee and go on to be more successful and therefore be motivated to buy more expensive products. That was why. When I realised how powerful this was this answered this confusing question.
Well in my view if you are serious about your future and serious about making money on the internet I recommend you check this out by getting the Lee McIntyre coaching review. I hope you do.

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Take a Tour of the Point and Click Coaching Programme

Take a look at the Free Lee McIntyre review

Hello. For those who do not know me – my name is Jim Nariel and I have been making it my mission to review and check out the myriad of Internet business opportunities out there. One of my latest reviews has been the free Lee McIntyre review and followed by the point and click coaching program.

I recently subscribed for the free Lee McIntyre review and I was quite pleasantly surprised. However I don’t want to just highlight how wonderful it was. I want to keep this as impartial as possible to keep it fair. So in this post I really want to focus on how the review left me feeling. I know this sounds rather qwerky. However I think its important to portray some emotions etc

You know most hype you see from Internet Marketers is “Come on and get it here!” techniques. A bit like as we say in the UK – a market or a boot sale. It all sounds like a sales pitch and as if you were being forced to buy timeshare on holiday – you know the feeling right?

Well the free Lee McIntyre review is different. In fact it is so different Lee actually calls it the “Upside down and Inside Out” training. In other words much different from the norm. The biggest difference and the overwhelming feeling was that this is actually someone who is acting like a professional. You could walk Lee into an office and sell to a major corporation. Yes he comes over as very professional. I also got the feeling of being in safe hands. You got the overall impression that you would be looked after as a customer and not seen as a number statistic on his list or website. You also got the feeling that finally there is something out there that would not run away with your money, but would really help you succeed and will be around for years to come. I found this very refreshing and I don’t know any other marketer that takes this refreshing approach

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

I also wanted to give you a little tour of the Point and Click coaching. Wanted to show you logging on to the program – what you can see, how it is laid out and also the free Lee McIntyre review. Take a look at this video here below

Click HERE

So hopefully this gives you some idea the value and what you can expect.
So in my view if you are serious about your future – not just making a quick dollar here or there but really serious. In addition you are serious about changing your life then I really recommend you check this out and I am positive you will see this as something that you need to get involved

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Point and Click coaching review

As always I am checking out the internet gurus that claim to bring out the latest system, the latest fad to make you tons of money. I am always very sceptical.
However one shining light is Lee McIntyre. Why is this person a shining light? Well I discovered this out after taking his Point and Click coaching Review that you can see on my side banners and buy point and click coaching

I want to show with you some of my personal experiences and whilst I believe Lee to be a great example – this is a review so I will be including elements which I was not so keen on. Nothing is 100% perfect – right?

Ok so what I found of great value more than I have ever seen is the additional value Lee adds by providing free content in the mails that get sent to you just after you have subscribed – all free valuable information when you buy point and click coaching.

Also the training is set week by week. So on a week by week basis you get the training and assignments for that week so the training and tasks are really drip fed and so slowly but surely you can build a successful business. This avoids information over-load and ensure that you spend the right quality time correctly
Another thing from the Point and Click review is that you get lots of free resources and lots of free tools to use. Not just banners and labels but also free articles and pictures that convert and many other stuff which would normally come as a cost but all this is provided with no additional charge

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

Also Lee’s training is very clear and precise and he takes his time in the training to make sure the point comes across and sinks in. Also he is focused when it comes to providing assignments. He gives you say 4 tasks to do that week and therefore you know 4 tasks is what you need to do. In addition Lee was a teacher and therefore is professionally skilled to train other people

However STOP! WAIT! It was not all roses and fantastic – it never is. I did find that his business is very automated which is great but this includes his help desk. I would ask a question and receive an automated response. However whilst this was frustrating at first after I communicated the fact that I did not like this I then received hand written responses. So you just need to tell the people on the help desk to respond personally and not send automated responses. Once you communicate this there is no problem.

The other point was on the Point and Click log on page. The log on page has a video that automatically comes on when you go to log in. This is fine the first and second time but the 10th and 20th time it is frustrating. So as long as you have your browser configured to remember your password this will avoid hearing the log on directions again because you are logging on fast. So again once this is done no problem

So these are my personal experiences when taking on Lee’s Point and Click coaching review. My suggestion is that if you are serious about building a business and future for yourself please go and check this out and by taking this review

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

Purchase Point and Click Coaching – my review results

It is my ambition to review the internet masters – you know – internet gurus who can show you how to make great sums on the internet. So I am subscribed to many mailing lists on the internet. So I have checked out a good few and some are great, some are OK and some need to be avoided like the black plague

I have found that Lee McIntyre is one of the more honest, reliable and excellent internet masters that you can normally bet your money on. I decided to purchase Point and Click coaching which is one of his products – and he did not disappoint.

I am normally very sceptical and have learnt most of the tricks that these masters play with you to get you to part with your money. However over a few months I have found Lee is someone that can be trusted. I have tried briefly Lee’s business before as I just wanted to test if you could opt in and out OK. I have opted in before on a very cheap entry fee and opted out with absolutely no problem at all. When I went to purchase point and click coaching my first thoughts was that Lee had gone a little mad. He shows you everything in complete detail.

This is a week by week training that you will receive showing you everything. He teaches not only the technical skills but also the marketing skills for making money on the internet. After the training Lee gives you clear and concise actions to complete for that week in readiness to use the next week. So this is brilliantly drip fed week by week.

To check this out CLICK on the link HERE

However STOP! There was one thing I was worried about before I signed up. I thought is Lee just another internet so called “Guru”. Promising the world, showing you something and squeezing you into his business and trying to sell you his next unproven idea. If you have been around the making money online business you will know the type. It’s a very cut throat business on the internet and you need to be careful who you decide to follow. If you are thinking that I know how you are feeling because I felt the same way. So after I purchased this product - this is what I found.

Suddenly I received over a period of days mail after mail from Lee. This was NOT junk mail but mails containing excellent content about how to build an internet business. He demonstrated his business – “walts and all”. He provided great snippets of his teaching around the world. Some of this stuff is worth many dollars. In addition to this while you are going through the product Lee provides for FREE some of his other products (that usually are chargeable on their own) that you can just plug into your business so that the work is taken away from you.

My point is that Lee McIntyre provides excellent added value and in my opinion far more than the product is worth. So yes I was worried initially the Lee was just another Guru on the internet trying to sell his stuff - not realising the amount of additional free great value his gives away. This is far different from anything else I have seen

Based on this my recommendation for anyone who wants to start building a long term business on the internet is to check his trail offer out and see how good the product is and also the additional free content that Lee also provides. Please don’t take my advice – check this out for yourself so you know whether to purchase Point and Click Coaching

To check this out CLICK on the link HERE

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Monday, 27 September 2010

Should You Buy Point and Click Coaching

Are you looking for a step by step plan to make money on the internet?

I am continually looking to expand my income and looking for good and ethical business opportunities on the internet. You know I have seen a number of ways to make money on the internet and some are presented by some good honest internet experts and others just need to be avoided at all costs. It can be a confusing mind bending market to review. However my latest review was conducted when I decided to buy Point and Click Coaching by Lee McIntyre. I was usually sceptical at first however I was very pleasantly surprised and somewhat excited to what I found.

Lee McIntyre comes across as the usual very credible Internet Guru which made me very sceptical. I was very surprised that Lee is excellent at what he does which is making money on the internet. Of course you would expect this. However Lee makes money by giving away good content. I not only found this was good content by this was excellent content that anybody else would be selling for considerable cost. Lee gives this away for free. I found that Lee really over delivers in every aspect. As well as the coaching content he also throws in many other products which he sells separately. This element increases the value of the coaching tremendously.

Click here to see to take a RISK FREE trial

One thing that I was concerned about before I actually decided to buy Point and Click Coaching was – “WILL This Product Work For ME?” This is my number 1 fear before I buy and internet marketing product. Its OK that this works for Lee and other internet masters but what about the average Joe. Will this work for me?

May be you have had similar fears? Well after I bought this product I found that not only was the training was to a very high standard but also Lee gives away tools and resources to use. Yes other Internet masters give away banners and pictures etc but Lee gives away free articles which I have never seen before. In addition to this he provides three major things that really makes me believe that anyone can achieve with this system.

Firstly he sets the right business mind by giving you a set of FREE videos from a recent event the Lee taught high level strategies to other successful internet masters looking to learn further. This alone is usual sold for just under $2k but this is given for free

Secondly, Lee produces a weekly training module showing you bit by bit training and leaves nothing out by teaching the learning points for that week

Thirdly, Lee sets weekly goals and actions that are very clear to take for that week
This excellent drip feed approach with teachings and actions will undoubtedly set any pupil in the right direction from the start. This convinces me that anyone who is prepared to take some time out and put some work into the system will definitely with no doubt at all make money using this system. In addition I have no doubt you can build a business, build an income and therefore this is a life changing opportunity by making money on the internet

So now I have reviewed this system I can give it a BIG YES that this is something very much that is profitable, workable and should be a must for anyone looking to make money on the internet. So my suggestion is that if you are serious about making money on the internet - go and buy Point and Click Coaching from Lee McIntyre. Take a risk free trial.

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How To Do Things Inside Out and Upside Down

Have you ever wanted a step by step plan that shows you how to build your online business from scratch and start making money in the quickest possible time?

Top UK Internet Marketer Lee McIntyre recently presented his "Inside Out / Upside Down" workshop to a captive audience in Manchester UK teaching the exact steps he took to build his business and start earning $20,000 per month in just 56 days from scratch.

In fact, Lee didn't build his business the "normal" way, and actually ended up doing the complete opposite to what most of the so-called "marketing gurus" out there teach.

And his methods definitely work!

Lee's business is now doing a whopping 6 figures each and every month... and he teaches exactly how to do this in his "Inside Out / Upside Down" workshop.

You see, not only is Lee a great teacher (he used to be a high school teacher before starting his online business), but he also reveals exactly what's working in his business right now without holding anything back. And what's more, the bulk of the closely guarded strategies and techniques that Lee teaches were invented by himself - no one else is teaching this stuff!

For 2 days straight, Lee captivated his audience with his teachings on "The Massive Monthly Payrise Method", "Deep Connection Dynamics", "Automatic Traffic Control", and his "Affiliate Army Method"... to name a few! And many of the attendees were left spellbound by the sheer amount of profitable 'how to' information shared over the 2 days.

Now, it's worth pointing out that many of the attendees at Lee's workshop paid $997 for the ticket alone, not to mention the cost of travel and accommodation, but judging by the awesome feedback Lee received over the 2 days, he could have charged 5 times the price - it was THAT valuable!

Lee has also stated that he won't be teaching this workshop ever again as it was a one-off and is never to be repeated. Luckily though he did have a professional camera crew present to record the entire workshop and capture every profitable strategy and golden nugget of marketing information delivered over the 2 full days.

So how can I get my hands on a copy of these recordings? ...I hear you ask!

Well, Lee originally decided to package the recordings as part of a high end training boxset with a pretty hefty price tag... somewhere in the $1,997 ball park. And for this price it would actually be a steal when you consider the sheer amount of profitable information that Lee taught over the 2 days.

But that's not how Lee built his online business...

So Lee has done something a bit crazy here and he's actually decided to give away the recordings to his $1,997 workshop completely for FREE.

(...yes, you read that correctly!)

You see, one of Lee's main philosophies is to give first... and sell second. It's one of the BIG secrets to his fast online success.

But you'd better be quick, because Lee isn't going to make this available for much longer. He's not THAT crazy!

To get in on this insane offer before you miss out altogether you need to go to the following page right now and take advantage of this before it's too late:

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Seriously, Lee is giving away the entire workshop for free! So here's your chance to learn from one of the top marketers in the UK right now who's built his business by doing things differently to what most of the big gurus teach.

And what's more, you'll be completely taken by surprise when you witness the speed at which his methods can be followed to build your business in the fastest possible time.

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers and grab this with both hands while you still can!

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