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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Point and Click coaching review

As always I am checking out the internet gurus that claim to bring out the latest system, the latest fad to make you tons of money. I am always very sceptical.
However one shining light is Lee McIntyre. Why is this person a shining light? Well I discovered this out after taking his Point and Click coaching Review that you can see on my side banners and buy point and click coaching

I want to show with you some of my personal experiences and whilst I believe Lee to be a great example – this is a review so I will be including elements which I was not so keen on. Nothing is 100% perfect – right?

Ok so what I found of great value more than I have ever seen is the additional value Lee adds by providing free content in the mails that get sent to you just after you have subscribed – all free valuable information when you buy point and click coaching.

Also the training is set week by week. So on a week by week basis you get the training and assignments for that week so the training and tasks are really drip fed and so slowly but surely you can build a successful business. This avoids information over-load and ensure that you spend the right quality time correctly
Another thing from the Point and Click review is that you get lots of free resources and lots of free tools to use. Not just banners and labels but also free articles and pictures that convert and many other stuff which would normally come as a cost but all this is provided with no additional charge

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

Also Lee’s training is very clear and precise and he takes his time in the training to make sure the point comes across and sinks in. Also he is focused when it comes to providing assignments. He gives you say 4 tasks to do that week and therefore you know 4 tasks is what you need to do. In addition Lee was a teacher and therefore is professionally skilled to train other people

However STOP! WAIT! It was not all roses and fantastic – it never is. I did find that his business is very automated which is great but this includes his help desk. I would ask a question and receive an automated response. However whilst this was frustrating at first after I communicated the fact that I did not like this I then received hand written responses. So you just need to tell the people on the help desk to respond personally and not send automated responses. Once you communicate this there is no problem.

The other point was on the Point and Click log on page. The log on page has a video that automatically comes on when you go to log in. This is fine the first and second time but the 10th and 20th time it is frustrating. So as long as you have your browser configured to remember your password this will avoid hearing the log on directions again because you are logging on fast. So again once this is done no problem

So these are my personal experiences when taking on Lee’s Point and Click coaching review. My suggestion is that if you are serious about building a business and future for yourself please go and check this out and by taking this review

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

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