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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Take a look at the Free Lee McIntyre review

Hello. For those who do not know me – my name is Jim Nariel and I have been making it my mission to review and check out the myriad of Internet business opportunities out there. One of my latest reviews has been the free Lee McIntyre review and followed by the point and click coaching program.

I recently subscribed for the free Lee McIntyre review and I was quite pleasantly surprised. However I don’t want to just highlight how wonderful it was. I want to keep this as impartial as possible to keep it fair. So in this post I really want to focus on how the review left me feeling. I know this sounds rather qwerky. However I think its important to portray some emotions etc

You know most hype you see from Internet Marketers is “Come on and get it here!” techniques. A bit like as we say in the UK – a market or a boot sale. It all sounds like a sales pitch and as if you were being forced to buy timeshare on holiday – you know the feeling right?

Well the free Lee McIntyre review is different. In fact it is so different Lee actually calls it the “Upside down and Inside Out” training. In other words much different from the norm. The biggest difference and the overwhelming feeling was that this is actually someone who is acting like a professional. You could walk Lee into an office and sell to a major corporation. Yes he comes over as very professional. I also got the feeling of being in safe hands. You got the overall impression that you would be looked after as a customer and not seen as a number statistic on his list or website. You also got the feeling that finally there is something out there that would not run away with your money, but would really help you succeed and will be around for years to come. I found this very refreshing and I don’t know any other marketer that takes this refreshing approach

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

I also wanted to give you a little tour of the Point and Click coaching. Wanted to show you logging on to the program – what you can see, how it is laid out and also the free Lee McIntyre review. Take a look at this video here below

Click HERE

So hopefully this gives you some idea the value and what you can expect.
So in my view if you are serious about your future – not just making a quick dollar here or there but really serious. In addition you are serious about changing your life then I really recommend you check this out and I am positive you will see this as something that you need to get involved

You can see Lee’s Point and Click coaching review HERE

Click here to see a FREE Tour of the Point and Click website

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