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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Purchase Point and Click Coaching – my review results

It is my ambition to review the internet masters – you know – internet gurus who can show you how to make great sums on the internet. So I am subscribed to many mailing lists on the internet. So I have checked out a good few and some are great, some are OK and some need to be avoided like the black plague

I have found that Lee McIntyre is one of the more honest, reliable and excellent internet masters that you can normally bet your money on. I decided to purchase Point and Click coaching which is one of his products – and he did not disappoint.

I am normally very sceptical and have learnt most of the tricks that these masters play with you to get you to part with your money. However over a few months I have found Lee is someone that can be trusted. I have tried briefly Lee’s business before as I just wanted to test if you could opt in and out OK. I have opted in before on a very cheap entry fee and opted out with absolutely no problem at all. When I went to purchase point and click coaching my first thoughts was that Lee had gone a little mad. He shows you everything in complete detail.

This is a week by week training that you will receive showing you everything. He teaches not only the technical skills but also the marketing skills for making money on the internet. After the training Lee gives you clear and concise actions to complete for that week in readiness to use the next week. So this is brilliantly drip fed week by week.

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However STOP! There was one thing I was worried about before I signed up. I thought is Lee just another internet so called “Guru”. Promising the world, showing you something and squeezing you into his business and trying to sell you his next unproven idea. If you have been around the making money online business you will know the type. It’s a very cut throat business on the internet and you need to be careful who you decide to follow. If you are thinking that I know how you are feeling because I felt the same way. So after I purchased this product - this is what I found.

Suddenly I received over a period of days mail after mail from Lee. This was NOT junk mail but mails containing excellent content about how to build an internet business. He demonstrated his business – “walts and all”. He provided great snippets of his teaching around the world. Some of this stuff is worth many dollars. In addition to this while you are going through the product Lee provides for FREE some of his other products (that usually are chargeable on their own) that you can just plug into your business so that the work is taken away from you.

My point is that Lee McIntyre provides excellent added value and in my opinion far more than the product is worth. So yes I was worried initially the Lee was just another Guru on the internet trying to sell his stuff - not realising the amount of additional free great value his gives away. This is far different from anything else I have seen

Based on this my recommendation for anyone who wants to start building a long term business on the internet is to check his trail offer out and see how good the product is and also the additional free content that Lee also provides. Please don’t take my advice – check this out for yourself so you know whether to purchase Point and Click Coaching

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