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Friday, 29 October 2010

A 12 Step Action Plan to earn money by online Affiliate Marketing

Want to earn money by online marketing without a website and without big set up charges? See below a 12 step plan that you can easily implement and start earning big money in no time. Set this up and watch the money roll in.

Step number 1: Choose a subject you like. This can be a favourite pastime or hobby. For example mine was hiking

Step number 2: Do a search on the internet and find out whether there are products sold in this area (called niche). This is easy as the search engines will have a number of sponsored links normally to the right hand side of the search bar where adverts are listed.

Step number 3: Go to some of these sponsored links and try and find some sites and companies that sell information products. These are the best type of products to earn money by online affiliate marketing

Step number 4: See if these sites do affiliate programs. It is highly likely that they do. Also ask the company what their conversion rate is. If they confirm that their conversion rate is around 5% then this is probably a good product to sell

Step number 5: Pick a company using the criteria above and sign up for free to their affiliate program. Check out their banners and tools to use. However above all make sure you get you unique affiliate URL

Step number 6: Now you can start to earn money by online affiliate marketing. Start your own blog. This can be paid hosting and URL or you can use a free blogging service on the internet. Make sure the URL name you use has your subject matter in the URL itself. So for hiking – hiking must be in the URL

Step number 7: Research your subject matter. Go onto internet forums and find out what your customers problems are surrounding the product that is being sold. So on the subject of hiking you could solve the problem of blisters or wet feet or preparing for a hiking. There are so many problems to be solved. The key is to put yourself into your customer’s shoes and solve there problems

Step number 8: Research your keywords. Find a keyword tool on the internet by searching for it. Put your main keyword in and let the tool give you keywords or phrases that fit with monthly traffic figures showing how many times they have been used by the public. Put these in a list on a spreadsheet

Step number 9: What is the competition? List next to your keyword traffic figures the amount of websites that use that keyword. You can to this by putting your keyword into a search engines with exclamation marks and noting the number of sites listed

Step number 10: Compare your keywords. Compare your traffic figures with the number of websites. Select 20 keywords that have the most traffic for the least amount of websites. This time is valuable to don’t rush it. The more put into this the more you will earn money by online affiliate marketing

Step number 11: Drive traffic to your blog by writing 20 articles with you keyword in the titles and at least 3 times in the body of the article. Place this article on article web sites and your blog.

Step number 12: Make sure your blog has a banner in the sidebar that is linked back to the companies website and ensure you use your affiliate URL

You are now all set to receive traffic on your blog and for some of this traffic to click on your banner and buy the product earning you nice commissions. So you are set to earn money by online affiliate marketing.

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