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Thursday, 28 October 2010

How To earn Money by Online marketing Without Having you own Website

So what is the quickest way earn money online. The answer? To earn money by online affiliate marketing?

So for those who are new to the online marketing game – what is an affiliate?

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Well there are companies on the internet that are good at building products in their industry. They know their subject and are able to build the right products that they know will sell. They also know that selling on the internet is a great way to grow their business. So what help do they need? Well its getting customers into their virtual door.

This is where you come in and earn money by online affiliate sales. If you can drive customers to these companies website then you can earn large commissions on the sales that are made by your introduction. People that do this are called affiliate marketers.

For information products you can easily make 50% profit so imagine making 10 or 15 commissions per day. Can you see how this could really mount up to a really great income. So now imagine you had other people doing the work for you. So you set up the system, produce a number of sales and paid other people to do the work to get other customers buying the same products. Now you have a profitable business.

This is easy to start. First think of a subject that you are interested in. Perform a search on the internet and make sure that this subject produces sales in one form or another by ensuring there are paid adverts. If information products are selling this is even a better way to earn money by online affiliate sales

You then look at these companies selling these products and check that have an affiliate programme. The program needs to have a good conversion rate 5-10% is good.

You then get to work. Start a blog and write some articles with very good content that will help your customers in that subject. Giving away free content to resolve problems is a great way of attracting and keeping people to your blog. You can also submit your articles to article directories. On your blog create links and adverts that point to your companies web site.

People will pick up your articles on the web as they look for solutions and come across your blog and click on your adverts. They will be directed to the companies web site and buy the product – and you earn your commission. No web site no product of your own to manage – just pure income. That’s how you can earn money by earn money by online affiliate income

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