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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

What it takes to succeed and Earn money by online marketing

So what does it take to succeed and earn money by online marketing

Having your own business and earn money by online marketing is not only profitable but very rewarding in many ways

Try being your own boss, giving yourself pay rises and not travelling to work are some of the great pleasures. What is even more rewarding is the sweet smell of personal success

I am sure you have heard the “earn money by online marketing by building your own business” before. Easy said than done – right?

So I have put together some questions that you need to answer to see if you have what is takes to succeed and earn money by online marketing

1. Who are your customers – do you know?
2. Will your product survive in an economic recession?
3. Are you aware what your competition is and how much you have?
4. Your product. Do you know if it is for people or businesses?
5. Is your business either automatic in terms of daily looking after or do you have someone to do these tasks?
6. Are you are sure your product satisfies a great need out in the market place?
7. Are you really determined to earn money by online marketing?
8. Do you know your specialist market (weight loss or making money etc)?
9. Is your product always used or is it only used during certain seasons?
10. Do you personally know what your strengths are when trying to earn money by online information selling
11. Do you know if you are adding further value than your market place?

Well how did you do? Did you answer all the above honestly. Well if you did and your answers is a big yes then you have what is takes to succeed and earn money by online marketing

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