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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

How To Make Money Online Without Having you own Website

Do you know the quickest way to learn making money online
without a website is to become an affiliate?

What does affiliate mean?

You see there are a heap of products been sold on the internet and it is not just the person who owns the product selling it. When you market and sell other peoples product you are called an affiliate and it is a great way of making money online

So if you are an affiliate you drive internet traffic to the seller’s website and any purchases made from the traffic you are sending earns you typically a 50% commission of the profit. So imagine making 10 or 15 commissions per day. Yes a good way of making money.

The good thing is that it is easy to start. In fact you can start right now as you don’t have to worry about making your own product, or creating a web site or creating a customer support for any product. As long as you find a product that has a track record of selling well you just have to worry about driving traffic to a sellers web site and then see your commissions roll in.

So how do you start to become an affiliate? The first thing is to pick a subject that interests you like a pastime or hobby. You then look for related products in that area that have an affiliate program that you can easily sign up for.
You will find that every affiliate program will help you get started and provide information to how to use their affiliate links so you can drive traffic to their products.

So you can start to become an affiliate and keep driving traffic and make money online

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